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I’m aiming to keep my lists brief and to the point: kurz und knackig so to say! The replacements on this one are trying to cut out plastic/packaging/harmful chemicals in the bathroom. The post originally appeared on my previous blog, Green Rocks in mid 2017; I think it’s still relevant now though.

The alternatives can mostly be found online, having yet to infiltrate highstreet shops. This may seem inconvenient. However, spending an hour shopping online can save you a trip into town (where you’ll likely see raised stress levels and be tempted to buy things you don’t need); and will leave you time to do fun things, like going for a walk, eating cake, etc., etc.

Most of the replacements are either of a similar cost, or cheaper than their unfriendly counterparts. There are a couple that are more expensive, but as you’re cutting out a lot of unnecessary products, your bathroom routine should work out cheaper overall. Many of the ‘alternative’ products involve changing a habit, which may be inconvenient at first, but can easily become the norm (just think about the smoking ban!). In the case of toothpaste, for example, we have learnt to expect it to come in a tube, be gloopy and taste of peppermint. This doesn’t necessarily mean this is the way toothpaste should be, or, more importantly, that other forms of toothpaste are in any way less effective!

10 steps to (green) rocking the bathroom

1. Use soap bars (preferably not wrapped in plastic) in place of shower gel, facial cleansers and liquid soaps (cheaper, MUCH less packaging, no microbeads, less harmful chemicals)

Shampoo soap bars. Source: Soapnut

Shampoo soap bars. Source: Soapnut

2. Use metal or safety razors, with replaceable heads (cheaper, no plastic)

3. Go old school: use soap and a brush in place of shaving foam (no aerosol, less packaging)

4. Use a wooden hairbrush (same price or cheaper than plastic, same lifespan & mostly biodegradable)

Bamboo toothbrush

5. Use a wooden/bamboo toothbrush (same price or cheaper than plastic, same lifespan & mostly biodegradable)

6. Use salt water in place of regular mouthwash (cheaper & does a better job)

8. Make your own toothpaste or use teeth-cleaning tablets (as effective as ‘normal’ toothpaste, less packaging, cheaper)

7. Use biodegradable tooth floss (no plastic & nylon, more expensive, but if you’re saving money on mouthwash …)

Tooth floss. Source: Zero Waste Laden.

Biodegradable tooth floss. Source: Zero Waste Laden.

9. Use organic/natural deodorant or make your own (less packaging, less harmful chemicals)

10. Use shampoo, and conditioner, soap bars. If you can’t, buy in bulk containers to cut down on (plastic) packaging. A cradle to cradle alternative exists from Aveda

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The four P’s: Do you need all the bathroom items you use? REALLY think about what you need, before you buy it: Packaging, provenance, production, purpose!

If I’m talking trash, or you have thoughts to share, please do!D


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